Rules and Club Bylaws.

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Radio Island Yacht & Boating Club, Inc.
Rules and Regulations


As used herein, the word “member” shall mean and refer to any member of Radio Island Yacht & Boating Club, Inc. (“corporation”) or as the context may require, any assignee or user of any member and shall include any masculine, feminine, neuter, singular, or plural as the context shall require.

               All members and invited guests, as well as any other persons who might lawfully be entiltled to use the facilities of the Corporation in any manner, are subject to the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (“Declaration”) and the By-Laws and Rules and Regulations of the Board of Directors of the Corporation.

               Every member shall be given a copy of these Rules and Regulations.  Every member shall insure that the corporation is notified at or before the time that such member begins the use and enjoyment of the membership.  Such notification shall include the full name of the user, his permanent address, telephone number, and the official number of North Carolina Registration of the boat authorized by the member to dock in his boat slip.  Each member is authorized under these regulation and should:

1.      Warn any person who is observed to be violating the rules.

2.      Call security to oust possible trespassers who do not identify themselves under a polite request.

3.      Call security to quell disorderly conduct by anyone.

Each member should also notify the President whenever he has  to warn someone, and shall supply the President with the facts of the incident as soon as practicable.  All members shall be responsible to see that their guests follow these Rules and Regulations while occupying, using or visiting the Yacht Club facility.  No member may invite any guests to use or enjoy any property or facilities of the corporation in his absence, except by virtue of an assignment of use of the membership made pursuant to the Declaration and the By-Laws.

               No member shall invite guests to the facilities and property o the corporation in unreasonable numbers or on unreasonable occasions of for unreasonable times.


Newspapers, Magazines and other similar items should be placed in a solid waste container.  Garbage and other perishable items shall be placed in a plastic bag secured at the top and placed in the solid waste container.  Loose garbage shall not be deposited anywhere.  No trash or empty boxes of any kind shall be left on the dockways.

        No owner, guest or tenant shall throw, discharge, pump or deposit from any boat or float, any refuse, oil, spirits, flammable liquid or polluting matter in the harbor.  All such matter shall be deposited in appropriately marked trash drums within the Yacht Club or in approved oil disposal facilities.  Waste material such as paper, beer or drink cans or bottles, cigarette stubs, trash, etc., must not be thrown from the boats or dock areas.  Tossing food or garbage out for the gulls produces unsanitary conditions around the dock area and shall not be permitted.

2.      CHILDREN.

Children under twelve (12) years of age are not permitted on the docks without the immediate presence of a parent or other responsible adult.  Parents shall not allow children to run and play on the dockways or facilities.


To prevent damage from weather or storms, dock lines should be properly secured, and all outside property of any member or guest shall be battened down, secured, or placed inside the boat, which should be closed and locked when the member leaves his boat slip.  Members planning to be absent from their boat slips for a prolonged period should remove all furniture, plants and objects from their boats.  Also, all movable items should be removed from each boat if storm weather is threatening.

When the National Weather Service issues a hurricane warning which would include Radio Island, each member and his assignee shall immediately comply with such orders including, leaving the Yacht Club facilities and causing his vessel, or the vessel docked at the facility at his instance, to be removed from the Yacht Club facilities.  Any damage caused by such persons or vessels wrongfully remaining or left at the facility shall be repaired at the sole expense of such persons and vessel owners.

4.      PARKING.

Vehicles should be parked in designated parking areas.  Any vehicle parked in a designated railroad personnel parking space or blocking access to the railroad bridge in any manner, will be towed at owner’s expense.  No washing of cars or boats will be allowed in the parking lots.  The parking area is for the exclusive use of the members of the Association, their guests and/or tenants only.  There will be no boat trailers parked or left within the parking area and same will be towed at owner’s expense.

5.      SECURITY.

All boats should be kept locked at all times.  If owners sell their boats privately, they should accompany all prospective buyers.

6.      GUESTS.

No guests will be allowed the use of the Yacht Club facilities or any other property of the corporation unless accompanied by a member.  Every member shall insure that his guests abide by all these Rules and Regulations and shall be responsible to the corporation for any violation.  The number of guests invited at any one time by any member shall be in keeping with the rights of other members to have and enjoy the use of these facilities.

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